Find the grain your recipe asks for in the list, hover over it with your mouse and find the replacement on the same row. There will be slight variations between manufacturers.

Crystal malt can be substituted with a slightly paler or darker version if your homebrew store doesn’t carry the exact color. Don’t be afraid to make substitutes.

I am not sure if CaraMunich is just a brand name, or actually a caramelized munich malt.

All values between brackets are in EBC.

Updated November 2023.

Content taken from and expanded.

2-Row PalePilsener, LagerPilsen MDPilsenLager, German PilsenOdd AmphibianLagerPilsner, Premium PilsnerPilsen, HeidelbergPilsen
Pale AleAle, Dutch Pale AlePale Ale 9 MDPale AleBest Ale, Extra Pale, Scottish Pale Ale, Scottish Extra Pale AlePale Whale, Albino WhaleHalcyon, Optic, Pearl, Golden PromisePale AlePale AlePale Ale
Maris OtterMaris OtterFinest Maris Otter, Extra Pale Maris OtterKeep FlyingMaris OtterMaris Otter
AshburneMild AleViennaSp. Aromatic
Bonlander MunichMunich LightMunich 15Munich LightLight MunichMuscleyMunichMunich IMunichMunich
Aromatic Munich 20LMunich DarkMunichDark MunichMunich IIMunich DarkDark Munich
Victory, American HoneyMelanyAmber - Aromatic MD, Aroma 100Melano, Melano LightMiserable FishMelanoidinMelanoidin, Melanoidin LightKiln Amber
CaraPilsCara ClairDextrin, Cara GoldCaraPils/CaraFoamCaramel Pils
Caramel Malt 10GoldSwaen LightCara 20Cara BlondCara MaltCaptains ClassicCaraMaltCaraHell / (CaraBelge)Caramel Pilsen
GoldSwaen RedCaraRedCaramel Vienna
Caramel Malt 20 (40)GoldSwaen Brown Light (64-72)Cara 50Dead StraightPale Crystal Malt (60 - 90)CaraAmberCaramel Amber
Caramel Malt 40 (100)GoldSwaen ClassicExtra Light Crystal 100CaraMunich ICaramel Munich ICaramel Munich 40
Cara 120Cara GoldLucky SquidCaraMunich IICaramel Munich II
Caramel Malt 60 (160)Chateau CrystalLight Crystal 150Mark 5Crystal Malt (150 - 175)CaraMunich IIICaramel Munich IIICaramel Munich 60
Caramel Malt 80 (210)GoldSwaen Brown (this is a caramel malt!)Cara 200Special BelgiumMedium Crystal 240Deep DiverDark Crystal (250 - 300)CaraAromaCaramel Munich 80
Caramel Malt 120GoldSwaen Brown Supreme (280-320)Special BDark Crystal 400The Shell ShockerCaramel Munich 120
Special Roast (80)Brown Porter (400-450)Brown (120-150)Brown Malt (175 - 200)Kiln Amber
CoffeeCoffee Mroost 450 MDChateau Chocolat LightLow Colour Chocolate MaltReliable Lighthouse LightPale Chocolate (560-690)
ChocolateChocolate BMroost 900 MDChateau ChocolatChocolate (Coffee) MaltReliable LighthouseChocolateCarafa (Special) IChocolateChocolate
Black PatentBlackMroost 1400Black MaltBlackAngry BearBlack MaltCarafa (Special) IIIBlack MaltKiln Black
Roasted BarleyBarleyPealed Roasted BarleyRoasted BarleyRoasted BarleyAngry AnglerRoasted BarleyRoasted Barley
WheatWheat ClassicWheat Malt MDWheat BlancWheat MaltWashy FrothyWheatWheatWheat
GoldSwaen Wheat lightKarrewheat 77Wheat CrystalCrystal WheatCaraWheatCaramel Wheat MaltCaramel Wheat
GoldSwaen Wheat DarkDark WheatDark Wheat
Black W, Chocolate WMroost Wheat MaltWheat Black, Wheat CafeRoasted WheatChocolate WheatRoasted Wheat
Smoked WheatSmoked Wheat
Rye MaltSwaen RyeRye MaltRye MaltRye MaltRye MaltRye Malt
GoldSwaen RyeCrystal RyeCrystal RyeCaraRyeCaramel Rye Malt
BlackSwaen Rye (900-1100)Chocolate Rye 300Chocolate Rye (400-700)Roasted Rye
OatOat MaltNaked Oat MaltOat Malt
SauerAcidAcidulated Malt
SmokeSmoked, Peated, WhiskeyThirsty ThistlePeated MaltOak Smoked, Beech Smoked